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Disinfection Cleaning
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The Typical Office Desk Contains More Germs than a Toilet Seat

According to WebMD, there are more than 10 million bacteria on a typical office desk. That’s 400 times more than the average toilet seat. This puts you and your employees at risk of illnesses.

Deciding to work from home does not protect you from germs either, as several surfaces host millions of germs around the house.

Regular cleaning is the obvious choice in this situation, but cleaning agents don’t kill germs. The average office building is cleaned every night, yet the typical office desk still contains millions of bacteria.

office cleaning disinfection

The solution is disinfection.

Disinfection kills germs and makes your office space safe for you and your employees. At Clean Advocate, we have overseen over one million square feet of commercial janitorial service accounts. We have the experience, expertise, and disinfection cleaning technology to thoroughly disinfect your home, office, or commercial space.

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Principles that Guide Our Office Disinfection Cleaning Service


Our solutions use 65% fewer chemicals per square foot during disinfection. We only use EPA-approved disinfectants that are eco-friendly, yet highly effective. This protects our clients and the environment from the harmful chemical substances present in many disinfectants. Before we start any disinfection project, we review the Green Cleaning Policy of our prospective clients and their preferences for environmental services and techniques, and we curate our services to suit their interests.

Warm and Friendly

We prioritize our customers. It is our most important duty to give you the best experience. Our friendly and experienced staff is always available to take your questions and give you a free quote.


On average, our team disinfects 5000 square feet in just an hour. After just 5 minutes of dwell time, disinfected rooms are safe to be occupied. With our electrostatic disinfection cleaning technology, we don’t have to start by wiping and touching surfaces. We use a fast and effective method that requires a less disinfecting solution.

FAQs: Disinfection Services

Will I be involved in the disinfection process?

Your part in the process is to define the scope of your needs, take us to the facility, and review your policies and proposals. After this stage, it is up to us to start the disinfection process.

Do you only disinfect offices?

No. Our disinfection cleaning services also cover gyms, homes, libraries, condos, hotels, restaurants, stores, and various commercial spaces and apartments.

Is the electrostatic disinfection technology safe?

It is not only safe but also highly effective. The electrostatic sprayer atomizes the disinfecting solution with the use of an electrode, making the solution stick to the sprayed surface more effectively.

Getting the Disinfection Cleaning Solution You Need in Austin

We care about our clients, and this goes beyond the disinfection service we provide. Our goal is to provide a clean and healthy environment that will ward off illnesses and boost productivity. We employ cutting-edge technology to achieve this for our clients, within the shortest time possible.

Call Clean Advocate today to get a free quote and start the process of sustainably disinfecting your home or commercial space.