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The Importance of Residential House Cleaning When Buying or Selling a Home

By October 25, 2021December 15th, 2021Residential Cleaning5 min read
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Whether you are a new homeowner or planning to place your house on the market, cleaning should be your top priority before moving in or out.

A clean home sells faster than a messy and filthy one. Granted, savvy buyers know that they can just have a house cleaned after purchasing it. However, the time and effort needed for an extensive cleanup can make the property discouraging to buy.

If you have just recently purchased a new house, it is better to have your new home thoroughly cleaned by professionals. This way, you can focus your energy and time on other important things like unpacking.

Hiring residential cleaning experts is essential if you want to ensure a seamless transition when moving in or moving out. Read on and discover the various benefits you will get whether you are buying or selling a home.

Why Residential Cleaning is Essential Before Moving In

Buying a new home is a huge achievement in life. However, when the celebratory atmosphere ends after closing the deal, the monumental task of moving in comes full swing. Cleaning the house yourself can take a big chunk of time, especially when you have many things to take care of – both before and after the big move.

If you want to make things easier, you need to let the professionals do the move-in clean. Below are some of the advantages you get when you hire them:

  • Thorough cleaning: Whether you are moving into an apartment or a new home, you cannot expect the previous residents to clean it – even if they say so. Professionals have extensive experience in cleaning every nook and cranny of all types of homes.
  • Safe cleaning products: Aside from having a wide range of sanitation equipment, these professionals also have various safe cleaning solutions – proven to be very effective in thorough disinfection. Most of them have non-toxic products that will not harm your family or your pets.
  • No risk of allergy attack: These cleaners use HEPA-approved vacuums and other types of products that can efficiently remove dust and allergens. Compared to cleaning the house yourself, you will not be exposing yourself and your family to allergens. Plus, these cleaning experts wear appropriate protective cleaning gear themselves.

Reasons for Cleaning the House Before Putting it Up for Sale

If you are planning to sell a house instead, note that if it is not visually appealing to potential buyers, you will have a tough time selling it. Most realtors would advise you to invest in home staging and renovations before listing your property on the market.

However, not everyone has extra cash to cover these expenses. Also, some markets have very strong buyer demands that renovations will not even matter.

Whether you are making improvements to the home or not, hiring residential cleaning professionals is crucial. Below are some of the beneficial things you will receive if you get your house cleaned before listing it on the market:

  • Make a great first impression: Buyers quickly lose interest if a home is dirty and full of clutter. Therefore, it is crucial to hook potential buyers as soon as they walk into your house by creating an excellent first impression.
  • Reduce time on the market: Getting offers from credible buyers can be quick with a great first impression. And the shorter time it takes to sell the house, the less you will have to endure the stress of anxiously waiting for someone to buy it. You can start packing your stuff and move on to the next phase in your life.
  • Make it more appealing: You can gain an advantage with negotiations if your home looks attractive. If your house is spic-and-span and even went through some minor staging, you will have better chances of getting the buyer to agree to a higher asking price.

Why Renters Should Get the House Cleaned Before Moving Out

Do you want to get your deposit back after moving out of an apartment? Then, you will have to clean the place thoroughly, and with a cleaning checklist, you can stay organized throughout the process.

However, with all the moving-out preparations you need to do, you will end up adding more to your stress.

When you hire professionals to perform the cleaning on your behalf, not only will you free yourself from the tedious task but ensure a deep and thorough cleanse as well. Besides, hiring a cleaning crew can be a lot cheaper than not getting your deposit back.

What to Expect When You Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Here are some of the specific tasks that professionals from a move-in and move-out cleaning company will perform for you:

  • Floor sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers
  • Wiping down and disinfection of kitchen including pantry, cabinets, range ovens, refrigerators, and microwave ovens
  • Emptying and washing of trash cans and wastebaskets
  • Cleaning and disinfection of light fixtures, ceiling fan blades, and light switch plates
  • Thorough cleaning of all doors, door frames, and chair rails
  • Vacuuming of shutters, blinds, and lower intake vents
  • Disinfection and wiping down of windows, including the sills and ledges
  • Dusting, cleaning, and polishing of mirrors, fixtures, and chrome

A good residential cleaning company like Clean Advocate understands that not all apartments and houses are the same. They tailor their cleaning services to match the home’s requirements. For example, if a home has a fireplace, they will scoop the ashes as well.

Let the Experts Clean Your House Before Moving Out or Moving In

You do not want to start your first days in your new home overwhelmed with undue stress. Leave the cleaning to the professionals. In doing so, you can focus on other things that matter the most.

But do not just hire any residential cleaning company. Pick the one with experience, state-of-the-art tools, and raving customer reviews, so you are sure that your house is in good hands.

For help in taking a big chunk off your move-out or move-in checklist, get in touch with Clean Advocate today.

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