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Introducing Clean Advocate

By August 18, 2018December 15th, 2021Company News3 min read
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During my years of providing commercial janitorial cleaning services to a variety of businesses, I have come to learn that far more than being a business expense, your cleaning service is a value-added benefit. For business owners, your company makes a great first impression to your clients and guests with a spotless facility. Additionally, your employees will be healthier when germs and allergens are removed from the workplace. For office managers, you won’t be fielding complaints from your boss and coworkers when your cleaning company is doing everything that is expected. For Facility Managers, your facility has lower maintenance costs when interior finishes have been regularly cleaned such as by a regular floor care program. What all three of these client types have in common: You don’t want to think about cleaning, you want to think about your business, and you know that bad cleaning costs you money.

I formed Cleaning Advocate in June of 2018. After eight years of doing field and operations work for a local janitorial service franchise, I realized that I wanted to go out on my own to provide excellent customer service. Through this business, I plan to provide a workplace for employees where they can be a valued, respected part of the team. I also aspire to better provide for my new wife, Carolyn, and to meaningfully give back to the community.

My goal with this blog is to provide a place where you can come to learn about how a great Janitorial Service can help you meet your individual goals. We plan to do this with educational pieces that can help you make decisions, minimize costs, and evaluate your current service provider. We also want to provide you with a place to ask questions and receive answers.

Over the coming months, we will be blogging about quick cleaning tips, cleaning industry news, technologies, recent advancements, products, and lessons learned. Another future goal of ours is to invite guest posters to contribute to the conversation.

And for those in the Austin, Texas area, Clean Advocate would love the opportunity to not only provide service you don’t have to worry about, but also to be your go-to resource for maintenance and cleaning questions. We will put together the right team for each job, provide thorough training, implement systems to prevent cross-contamination, and perform regular quality control.

Lastly, included in all of our services are exclusively environmentally friendly products. Not only is green cleaning required for LEED for Existing Buildings and other green building programs, but this is just the right thing to do. This has become even more important to me as we are starting to think about having children and the kind of planet we will be leaving for them. Carolyn still hasn’t convinced me to make all of my own household cleaning products as she does, but I have found commercially available products from local suppliers that meet high 3rd party standards and plan to continue to adopt green policies.

rocky and carolynThank you for this opportunity to introduce myself. I am excited for all that the future holds for Clean Advocate.


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Clean Advocate is Austin's single point of contact for all your commercial cleaning, house cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection needs.

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