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Battle the Flu with Proper Cleaning

By December 28, 2021Company News6 min read
battle flu pro cleaning

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Coronavirus cases are on the rise.  Health officials in Austin are bracing for another wave of infections.  Some restaurants are closing.  Hopefully not permanently.

Even during another wave and a new variant of the Coronavirus, did you know that you can still get “regular sick?””  Remember the flu?  The influenza virus has not been eradicated.

While Flu numbers were down last year, that wasn’t because the virus was less prevalent or threatening.  Most likely, the decline was due to people utilizing better safety practices.

According to the CDC, at least 38 million people had the flu in 2019-2020.

With the holiday season upon us, you can anticipate all of these viruses spreading.  Families and friends will gather to celebrate the upcoming New Year.  Many will gather to celebrate a late Christmas.

Presents will be passed – and so will particulates.

Food will be shared – as will bacteria.

People will travel – along with viruses.

Including influenza.

Let us help you spread holiday cheer and not sickness.

Spread holiday cheer, not the flu

The influenza virus spreads through the air.  When you share space with people, you share air as well.  Touching the same materials, passing presents, shaking hands, giving hugs – all of it contributes to the spread of the flu.


Depending on the surface that the flu virus lands on, it can live outside of the body for several days.  The virus lives the longest on cold surfaces.  Like doorknobs.  Or toilet handles.

When you get together with friends and family, you may be able to avoid all kinds of potential contamination.  But it’s awfully difficult to avoid doorknobs!

That means that cleaning is critical to enjoying the holidays.

Can’t Afford Not to Clean

You don’t want to be weighed down by anxiety while you ring in the new year.  Knowing that you’ve done what you can to protect your family, friends, coworkers – city – will help to ease some of your concerns so that you can enjoy the season.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is one of the best steps you can take to be present while you exchange presents for the Holidays.

Of course, there is much you can – and should – do on your own.  But do you know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing?  Do you have the products to do each?  Or the time?

safe disinfection solutions kitchen

We do.

The team at Clean Advocate has what it takes to give you and your loved ones peace of mind while celebrating this season.

Consider how people will feel if you’re able to say, “come on over, we’ve had our home professionally cleaned.”

But it’s not just family and friends that need to be personally cared for.  Businesses need proper cleaning as well.  If you’re looking for commercial cleaning, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Cleaning for a Happy New Year

As a business owner, we personally understand that you want your coworkers and clients to have confidence in the environment you provide.

Consider how your employees will feel when they know you’ve gone the extra mile to protect their health?

Don’t you feel more confident at a restaurant or store when you see the signs that say the space has been professionally sanitized?

This is the confidence you can provide with Clean Advocate.

Regardless of whether you’re hosting a gathering for family and friends or preparing a place for work, a clean, safe setting is a gift that everyone should be able to enjoy.

All gifts come at a cost, though.   There’s a cost involved in hiring a professional cleaning company in Austin.  That’s why we strive to be effective and efficient in our work – while not compromising quality.

However, there is a greater cost in not hiring a professional cleaning company.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaner

Do you have the tools, time, or talent – to adequately prepare for the holidays?  Or would you rather focus your energy in other directions?


At Clean Advocate, we utilize electrostatic disinfecting technology.  This technology allows us to efficiently and effectively clean large spaces and multiple materials – simultaneously.

The internet is filled with disinformation.  With us on your side, you won’t have to worry about what disinfectants and cleaners are most effective, safe, or environmentally friendly.

We’ve already done that.

This means you have one less thing to research and worry about.  And that means you can focus on what you care about most.

Further, we can provide you with the supplies you need to maintain a clean and safe space after we’ve done our job.


We can clean up to 5,000 square feet per hour.  A room that we have disinfected will be safe to occupy in just five minutes.

Time is one of your most valuable commodities.  Since you don’t have to invest your limited time in research – or disinfecting – you get more of this valuable resource back!

Who couldn’t use a few extra hours during this season?


We have overseen over one million square feet of commercial janitorial service accounts.  We also provide a home maid service that utilizes our state-of-the-art technology.  Whatever your cleaning needs may be, we can meet them.

We’re passionate about cleaning.  We take pride in our work.  You do too.  But you may not be passionate about cleaning.

When Clean Advocate covers your cleaning needs, you can put your talents to work where you are most effective.

And that supports your own community.  As members of the Austin Independent Business Alliance, we are committed to the flourishing of our city.

With Clean Advocate, you’re not just hiring a cleaning company, you’re contributing to your community in meaningful ways.

You can help Austin not only survive but thrive during this season.

A Resolution for a Healthy New Year

office celebration 2022Make a resolution today for a cleaner and safer new year.  2022 can be filled with hope and promise.

That starts with protecting your loved ones and providing the peace of mind that professional cleaning offers.

This isn’t only the holiday season.  It’s flu season.  Don’t let preventable sickness derail your days.

Reach out today for a free thirty-minute consultation.

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